A Termites Smorgasbord

Do  you have sealant or grout missing in your shower recess? Do your tiles in your shower recess have any cracks in them? Do you have mould on your walls? Do you have subfloor that is damp or has water pooling? Do you have down pipes that are not connected to an outlet pipe? Are your hot water and air conditioner pipes dripping next to the exterior wall of your dwelling? Have you checked for … [Read more...]

Termite Bait Monitoring Stations

Termite Bait Monitoring Stations are a monitoring system to assist in ascertaining whether termite activity is present around your property. The Termite Bait Monitoring Stations, which contains termite attraction materials, are installed strategically in the ground around your property. Termites are lured to these stations and once termites have entered the stations, then a treatment with an … [Read more...]


Ants are closely related to the wasp species and are social insects which live together in colonies, feeding and grooming each other. When ants begin to infest your homes and sting people in yards and parks, they then fall into the category of a nuisance pest.  I am sure we can all relate to having dealings with ants within the home or being bitten.  Some species of ants can be a public health … [Read more...]

Is Your Property Worth It

Roof voids are one place termites like to take refuge.  Termites can access the roof void from the ground up via weepholes, timber structures fixed to the dwelling such as patios, pergolas or fences, plant foliage and timber stacked against the outside of the dwelling, just to name a few.  This picture shows a termite's nest nestled in a roof void above the eaves at the base of the trusses.  In … [Read more...]

Termites in Tree Stump

Over grown or mature plants are the perfect hiding places for tree stumps. Tree stumps may look normal on the outside but we can never be sure with out drilling and testing whether active termites are present within the stump. Whilst carrying out an inspection in Currumbin Valley I located a tree stump under a mature Elephant Ears plant. Without carrying out a thorough inspection of the … [Read more...]

Termites Nest in Tree

Home Owners in Molendinar had a termite infestation throughout the interior of their dwelling. After carrying out a termite inspection two (2) termite nests were located in a nearby tree within the property.   One at the base and one higher up in the tree. Both nests were contributors for the termite infestation within the dwelling. Luckily the home owners contacted us asap to inspect and … [Read more...]

Ashmore Termite Treatment

Whilst visiting a 3 bedroom dwelling in Ashmore, termite activity was located between bathroom and back of bedroom cupboard wall. The shower was leaking within the walls and this is a major attraction for termites. The owner has owned this house for 5 years and has never had a termite inspection. The damage caused was extensive and termites have eaten majority of timber framing within this … [Read more...]