A Feast for Termites

Timber Sleeper retaining walls or logs are one of the things termites love to feast on.  These logs or retaining walls are put in place around your yard and look awesome when installed.  Many home owners presume over time these logs or retaining walls are falling apart from wholly and solely changing weather conditions and leave them to keep disintegrating.

Do you regularly inspects these timbers around your yard to see if it is in fact, only the weather conditions for the deterioration of these timbers?

Majority will answer No to the above question.  So many times we come across timber sleeper retaining walls or logs eaten out by termites.  Some logs have had nests built inside them or the retaining walls have had nests built in the soil behind the walls.

Once the termites have set up camp or have had their feast they will then look elsewhere for food.  Guess what? You guessed it, they are now coming for your home!  They will now look for an entry point into your dwelling to access further food.  Never presume that these termites have lots of timbers to feast on in your yard and that they won’t come near your home.  Termites eat at a rapid rate and move to the next food source they can find.

If you have timber sleeper retaining walls or sleeper logs around your property it is advisable to replace with termite resistant materials such as concrete or rocks.  We know it is not always possible to do this and this is where a Pest Technician will advise you that it is essential to carry out regular inspections of these timbers to monitor and treat any termite activity.

Timber sleeper retaining walls and old logs can be treated if termite activity is present.  A treatment can also be carried out for prevention of termite activity.

If you have any form of timber around  your property make sure you discuss this with your Pest Technician at your next Termite Inspection.

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