A Termites Smorgasbord

Do  you have sealant or grout missing in your shower recess?
Do your tiles in your shower recess have any cracks in them?
Do you have mould on your walls?
Do you have subfloor that is damp or has water pooling?
Do you have down pipes that are not connected to an outlet pipe?
Are your hot water and air conditioner pipes dripping next to the exterior wall of your dwelling?
Have you checked for leaking taps/pipes at the backs of your cupboards and vanities?
And the list goes on.

These are some of the questions you should ask yourself often.  If you answer yes to any of these question it is time to take action immediately.  Besides rotting your timbers and ruining the plasterboard/gyprock, moisture within your wall cavities, roof void or subfloor area is a major attraction for termites.

I attended a call out to a house in Nerang last week, where they had a leaking shower base for quite some time.  It got to the stage the gyprock had become discoloured/stained and soggy on the wall backing onto the shower. The carpet and floor boards butting onto this area also became wet and stained.  The home owners had all intentions of renovating the bathroom in time to come and thought they would deal with the leak then, but due to the amount of damage the leak was causing they realised action needed to be taken.

The home owners still thinking it was just a small leak removed the gyprock and tiles from the shower recess to be greeted with a family of active termites having a smorgasbord on the decaying timbers from the moisture of the leak.  The termites had entered the dwelling from behind the vanity, tracked along under the spa bath and in to the shower recess.  In this situation the home owners did the right thing by contacting a pest controller straight away to treat the active termites as once termites have been disturbed they will move to other areas of the dwelling.

Pest Controllers see this kind of damage often and we can not stress enough how important it is to carry out regular termite inspections.

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