Are Flying Termites Harmful To Your Property.

Termites, White Ants, Flying Termites Flying termites better known as Alates are rampant at this time of year on the Gold Coast.  The weather is warming up and the humidity is on the increase causing the perfect environment for flying termites to carry out their reproductive cycle.

Flying termites or Alates main goal is to become the kings and queens of new colonies.  The original colony will release tens of thousands of mature Alates once the colony has reached a certain population, reproductives are produced and they have developed wings. Once released the Alates will then forage for food, the perfect nesting site and moisture in the quest to start a new colony.

Alates shed their wings and each mated pair will seek out a suitable place to establish a new colonies.  Majority of Alates do not survive as they become food for birds, lizards, spiders and other creatures. Alates do not fly strongly and can survive for approximate 24 hours in the open air due to the humidity where as normal termites will only last a few hours.

Will Flying termites attack your house?

We get quite a few calls from concerned home owners on the Gold Coast advising they have termites with wings flying around inside their homes.  Alates will not attack your timber within your house, at dusk you will notice them swarm around your light fittings as they are attracted to lights after dark.

Alates are no different than normal termites where they are attracted to moisture and also will seek out possible nest sites so as a home owner it is ideal to reduce or remove any attractants where possible.

This may be:

  • Air conditioner and HWS over flow pipes either plumb to drainage or extend outlet pipe away from the building
  • Repair down pipes with holes or that are not connected to drainage
  • Remove or elevate wood heaps
  • Remove timber stored against the building
  • Remove tree stumps
  • Remove timber sleepers and retaining walls
  • Keep trees and bushes trimmed

With Alates (flying termites) being in high volume at the moment on the Gold Coast, it is the perfect time to carry out a termite inspection to ascertain if Alates have not been released from an existing colony within your property or have found the perfect nest site to take up residency.

After reading the above and if you still have concerns please call, Paul at Tommy Termites Pest & Weed Management, or go to our Contact Us page and leave your details where I will be in touch to discuss further.

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