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IMG_0584resized Roof voids are one place termites like to take refuge.  Termites can access the roof void from the ground up via weepholes, timber structures fixed to the dwelling such as patios, pergolas or fences, plant foliage and timber stacked against the outside of the dwelling, just to name a few.  This picture shows a termite’s nest nestled in a roof void above the eaves at the base of the trusses.  In this instance the termites have tracked within the cavity between the brickwork and gyprock causing damage to the timber framework from the ground right up to the nest.  The home owners were not aware that they had termites present within their dwelling until the inspection was carried out and these termites have caused over $10,000 worth of damage.
In most cases termite damage has already occurred once the termites have built their home in your home.  At this stage the amount of damage will be the question weighing on the home owners mind.
If you are a home owner please be aware that your home insurance does not cover termite damage.  Carrying out regular inspections of your property can give you the peace of mind in detecting termites early.  If termites are located they can then be eradicated before extensive damage is caused.  Termite inspections are less than 50 cents a day.  Ask yourself “Is your property worth 50 cents a day or will you wait until you see signs of termites or damage”
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