Mosquitoes BUG OFF

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MOSQUITOES live and breed in different environments. Some live and breed in containers holding water around your house and yard while others are found in salt marshes or freshwater pools in the natural environment.

Some types of mosquitoes can spread disease to humans and animals while others are just a nuisance. The most common mosquito-borne diseases in Queensland are due to Ross River and Barmah Forest viruses.

Also some mosquitoes that breed around your house and yard can give your dog heart worm. So by stopping mosquitoes from breeding you will protect your family and pets

Only female mosquitoes bite. They need blood to be able to develop their eggs. While taking blood, infected mosquitoes can pass on disease-causing viruses and parasites. Exposure to large numbers of mosquitoes may increase the chance of being infected with a mosquito-borne disease

During summer the life cycle from egg to flying adult mosquito takes 7-10 days. In colder months the life cycle may take several weeks.

Stopping mosquito breeding is everyone’s business

House holders play an important role in reducing mosquito breeding in and around their house and yard.

Mosquitoes can breed in very small amounts of water. The best way to prevent mosquitoes breeding around your house and yard is to empty water from all containers, such as buckets, pot plant bases and bird baths, weekly.

To prevent mosquitoes from breeding:

  • empty water from pot plant bases, including self-watering pot bases weekly and wipe them out—this will ensure mosquito eggs are eradicated
  • check the integrity of water tank screens and replace damaged screens
  • ensure water tank first flush devices are regularly maintained
  • ensure boats and tarpaulins are stored undercover, as they can hold water.
  • keeping your yard clean and free of discarded items like plastic containers, tyres and old appliances
  • removing debris from storm drains
  • draining water that accumulates in yards and workplaces.
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