Water Pooling

Gutter not connectedI come across this often where the down pipes of a house are not connect to the outlet drains. We call this water discharging against the exterior walls of dwelling.

Living on the Gold Coast, when we have rain, we have rain! If the water is not getting away and pools against the exterior wall of your dwelling this is an attractive situation for termites.

We all know that termites are renowned for eating timber so if they are attracted to moisture and this is against the exterior wall of your dwelling, there is a high possibility that they will enter your dwelling for a lovely feed on timber.

If connecting the downpipes to an outlet drain is not a possibility then they need to be piped several metres away from the dwelling.  Any areas that water pools against the exterior walls of your dwelling need to be diverted away otherwise, as mentioned above, you may attract some unwanted guests.

My advice if you have downpipes not connected like in the photo and it is very damp around against the exterior wall of your dwelling firstly call a plumber to rectify this problem and then secondly call a Pest Technician to have a termite inspection carried out.  Whilst you are sleeping you don’t want unwanted guests having a party in your walls!

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