Will Black Ants keep Termites away?

Will black ants keep termites awayWe often get asked the question “If I have black ants does that mean I won’t get termites”?  Sorry to say that this is a BIG fat myth!

Is it possible for black ants to eat and attack termites?  The short answer is yes they will attack and eat termites but they are very strategic in their method.

Black ants love termites! For ants to be able to feed on the termites the termites nest needs to be penetrated.  Ants will only take what they require to feed their nest. They will not wipe out a whole termites colony as then their food supply will cease.

Ants find it very difficult to penetrate a termites nest due the strong hard outer shell.  They can enter a termites nest via vents within the nest.  These vents allow temperature regulation. The ants can also gain access when nests that have been disturbed by humans or animals or the termites surfacing looking for food.

If the area where the ants have accessed the termites nest is small, the termites will sacrifice their own lives to reinstate or patch the area of their nest which has been breached.  In this case the ants won’t attack the entire termite colony.

Termites are also smart. Knowing that black ants are a predator to them, it is possible for them to eat out the middle of a piece of timber whilst the black ants are tracking along the outside of the same piece going undetected.

What to do if you have black ants and termites!

My best advice is to contact us of course!

Seriously though, with black ants, knowing how to locate and eradicate the nest is the most important part of removing ants from your property.  Products you buy off the shelf can work in some cases but pest technicians have the knowledge and correct products to produce a higher success rate of eradicating black ants.

If you come across a termites nest, tracking or damage DO NOT disturb this area as the termites will move on to another part of your house and may stay undetected.

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