Spider Proofing Your Car

Majority of people are scared of spiders to the nth degree.  Recent rains on the Gold Coast have brought out the eight legged creatures looking for dry areas to take up residence, and unfortunately your car is one place they like to go. Spiders are attracted to cars for the warm, shelter and most cars have a little bit of dirt and debris to assist with spinning their webs. Places within your … [Read more...]

How to get rid of Redback Spiders

Redback Spiders are attracted to the warmer weather and that is why we see so many in the Summer months on the Gold Coast. The Redback is identifiable by the distinctive red stripe on its back and the female stripe is more prominent than the male stripe.  The female Redback spider usually has a body length of about 10mm compared to her much smaller male counterpart, who is only about 3–4 mm in … [Read more...]

Are Flying Termites Harmful To Your Property.

Flying termites better known as Alates are rampant at this time of year on the Gold Coast.  The weather is warming up and the humidity is on the increase causing the perfect environment for flying termites to carry out their reproductive cycle. Flying termites or Alates main goal is to become the kings and queens of new colonies.  The original colony will release tens of thousands of mature … [Read more...]

Termites Love To Play Hide & Seek

"Outlet pipes, bad drainage, water discharge, moisture and leaking taps" are all terms we often hear a pest technician refer to or we come across these words when reading a termite inspection report.  These are words that should send alarm bells ringing when said or read when referring to your dwelling. As you can see in the photo in this post, I came across this whilst carrying out a termite … [Read more...]

The Germans Are Coming!

Most home owners are aware of the Health and Safety Risk associated with cockroach infestations, including allergies and asthma.  Not to mention the germs and bacteria that has been known to spread within your surroundings. Cockroaches belong to the insect order Blattodea of which there are approximately 4,000 different species world wide and 400 species native to Australia. The most common and … [Read more...]

Are Your Weepholes Free Flowing

Have you ever wondered what the holes at the bottom of your brickwork around the exterior walls of your dwelling are for? These are called weepholes! Bricks being porous absorb quite a lot of water during rainfall and the weepholes provide an opening for the water to escape from the walls. Weepholes also allow ventilation for air to flow behind the wall to help dry out the … [Read more...]

Rats And Mice Are Not Elephants

You are sound asleep in bed and suddenly it sounds like there is a herd of elephants having a party in your roof and walls.  Well, just in case you weren't sure, I can reassure you it is normally only rats and mice aka vermin! With the cooler months being here, we tend to rug up to keep warm and this is exactly what vermin do by coming into your home to get away from the cold. They build a nest … [Read more...]

Water Pooling

I come across this often where the down pipes of a house are not connect to the outlet drains. We call this water discharging against the exterior walls of dwelling. Living on the Gold Coast, when we have rain, we have rain! If the water is not getting away and pools against the exterior wall of your dwelling this is an attractive situation for termites. We all know that termites are … [Read more...]

Mosquitoes BUG OFF

Tommy Termites has added Mosquito Treatments to their services and has the latest equipment and products to make your outdoor experience more enjoyable. MOSQUITOES live and breed in different environments. Some live and breed in containers holding water around your house and yard while others are found in salt marshes or freshwater pools in the natural environment. Some types of mosquitoes can … [Read more...]

A Feast for Termites

Timber Sleeper retaining walls or logs are one of the things termites love to feast on.  These logs or retaining walls are put in place around your yard and look awesome when installed.  Many home owners presume over time these logs or retaining walls are falling apart from wholly and solely changing weather conditions and leave them to keep disintegrating. Do you regularly inspects these … [Read more...]