Are Flying Termites Harmful To Your Property.

Are Flying Termites Harmful To Your Property. Termites, White Ants, Flying Termites

Flying termites better known as Alates are rampant at this time of year on the Gold Coast.  The weather is warming up and the humidity is on the increase causing the perfect environment for flying termites to carry out their reproductive cycle. Flying termites or Alates main goal is to become the kings and queens […]

Termites Love To Play Hide & Seek

Termites Love To Play Hide & Seek moisture, termites, ashmore

“Outlet pipes, bad drainage, water discharge, moisture and leaking taps” are all terms we often hear a pest technician refer to or we come across these words when reading a termite inspection report.  These are words that should send alarm bells ringing when said or read when referring to your dwelling. As you can see […]

The Germans Are Coming!

Most home owners are aware of the Health and Safety Risk associated with cockroach infestations, including allergies and asthma.  Not to mention the germs and bacteria that has been known to spread within your surroundings. Cockroaches belong to the insect order Blattodea of which there are approximately 4,000 different species world wide and 400 species […]

Water Pooling

I come across this often where the down pipes of a house are not connect to the outlet drains. We call this water discharging against the exterior walls of dwelling. Living on the Gold Coast, when we have rain, we have rain! If the water is not getting away and pools against the exterior wall […]

Mosquitoes BUG OFF

Mosquitoes BUG OFF

Tommy Termites has added Mosquito Treatments to their services and has the latest equipment and products to make your outdoor experience more enjoyable. MOSQUITOES live and breed in different environments. Some live and breed in containers holding water around your house and yard while others are found in salt marshes or freshwater pools in the […]

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