Mice, Rats and Rodent Treatments

Rats and mice are not only a messy nuisance but can also cause physical damage to your property – they often chew and destroy wiring electrocuting themselves (and your appliances), gnaw holes in pipes and walls and they consume and contaminate your food and transmit diseases to humans. In Australia, rodent infestations are often associated with snake problems.

How to Identify a Rodent Problem

Rats and Mice are generally found in small, warm and dry spaces where they can “nest” – roof voids, wall cavities, subfloors, underneath furniture and in gardens. Most people quickly spot the signs that rodents have moved in – droppings near a food source, inside kitchen cupboards, under sinks, near piles of paper or through stored bed linen. You may also notice nibble or bite marks from cardboard boxes in your pantry or storage space, and sometimes you can hear tiny claws pattering through your ceiling in the night or early hours of the morning.

If you notice any of these signs, then contact us and Paul will cast his experienced eyes over your property, assessing for the tell-tale signs such as droppings, and locate any mouse-sized entrance points to your home or office. Rodents are excellent contortionists and can gain entry through very small holes in cabinetry, cracks in walls, or gaps around sink or appliance pipes.

How We Solve Your Rodent Problem

Preventing and treating rodent invasions involves first eliminating the access points rats and mice might use to enter your home, then removing food sources and shelter that attract rodents, and finally using baits or traps to evict existing rats and mice from around your property.

Tommy Termites Pest Management offers various options to treat rats and mice, more commonly known as rodents. Paul will discuss these treatments with you to ensure the best option is chosen to suits your situation.

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