Mosquito Management

Are you sick and tired of doing the wave in front of your face or slapping yourself to get rid of that pesky mosquito that is buzzing around trying to have a piece of you? Sleepless nights listening to that high-pitched whine/buzz around the ceiling of your bedroom? For many Gold Coast residents, it is the sheer irritation of feeling swarmed by mosquitoes when relaxing in your backyard, or having a family BBQ.

Mosquito Problem?

Every Aussie is well acquainted with the standard mosquito bite reaction such as red welts and itching. But since they consume blood, they can also carry diseases like Ross River virus, Murray Valley encephalitis, Dengue – all of these are extremely debilitating if passed onto your loved ones. Mosquitoes living and breeding around your property can potentially pass on heartworm to your beloved dog.

So by stopping mosquitoes from breeding you will not only protect your family but your pets. So reclaim your backyard, and enjoy our amazing Gold Coast summer nights.

Minimising Mosquitoes on the Gold Coast

Mosquitoes live and breed in standing or still water, that is not chlorinated – simple things such as a containers of rain water, blocked gutters, gnarled tree roots that have retained water, water tanks, septic tanks, pot plant bases, bird baths or ponds.

Being a coastal area, with canal style living and mangroves within close proximity of your property – the Gold Coast presents countless perfect breeding places for mosquitoes. Thus, mosquitoes are a major issue on the Gold Coast as they thrive and survive in all our local environments.

Before you call Paul in though, there are some actions you can take to minimize your mozzie menace:

  • Remove any containers of water sitting around your yard.
  • Empty any water from pot plant bases that have been festering for quite some time
  • Keep bird bath surface and water clean, and do not allow it to sit
  • Remove leaves and debris from gutters and ensure drains and gutters are clean and free flowing and water is not pooling.
  • Ensure solid and tight fitting lids on any access points, apply mosquito proof mesh to all inlet and overflow pipes as this prevents mosquitoes entering the rain water tank.
  • Ensure boats and tarpaulins are stored undercover, as they can hold water.
  • Keep your yard clean and free of discarded items like plastic containers, tyres and old appliances
  • Draining water that accumulates in yards, patios or decks, outdoor furniture.

Paul at Tommy Termites Pest Management has invested in the latest equipment, top of the range technology and high quality products. It’s Paul’s goal to gain the best results from a mosquito treatment around your property.

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