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spider controlGeneral Pest Control
Its not much fun eating a meal  at night and watching a cockroach run across the kitchen bench, the same bench that you prepare all your meals on.  Then you start to wonder where the cockroach has come from, is it out of the crockery cupboard or cutlery drawer!!!  The worst bit is when it disappears and you have no idea where it went!
Ever had a spider drop down from a light fitting or ceiling exhaust fan giving you the fright of your life?  Or what about waking in the morning to be greeted by a spider next to your bed.  My favourite is the rats and mice running around in the roof void sounding like a herd of elephants whilst trying to get a good nights sleep.
Tommy Termites Pest & Weed Management can control these problems and much more.  Some examples of what we treat are cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, ants, fleas, bed bugs and wasps

Mosquito Treatment
Are you sick and tired of doing the wave in front of your face or slapping yourself to get rid of that pesky mosquito that is buzzing around trying to have a piece of you?
Have an event or BBQ coming up and worried that your guests are going to get eaten alive by Mozzies?
Well Tommy Termites Pest & Weed Management has invested in the latest and greatest equipment, technology and products to treat these blood sucking pests.
If you want a mozzie free BBQ or event then you know what to do! Yep that’s right, give us a call.

Termite Inspections
We carry out visual and invasive termite inspections where and when required using the latest technology in the FIGHT against termites.
Visual inspections cover the interior, exterior, roof void, out buildings, fence lines and all outdoor areas of your property.
Invasive inspection if required is carried out after the initial visual inspection has taken place.
All our inspections come with a full written report along with recommendations.
Note: Fully licenced and insured Timber Pest Technicians can only carry out all inspections and recommendations.

Termite Treatments
We carry out all aspects of termite treatments.

Rat and mouse treatments
There are many options to treat these little noisy destructive buggers.   These treatments are outlined with the customer to ascertain which option best suits their situation.

Weed Management of turf and gardens
Are you or your family sick of stepping on Bindi when walking or playing around on your lawn, or your pet is constantly limping from Bindi prickles stuck in it’s paws?  Well we can fix that problem.
Has your beautiful manicured lawn got a weed problem and making it look unsightly?  Well we can fix that also.
Are your gardens looking nice but weeds are taking over in the soil and you don’t want or have time to spend hours on your hands and knees removing these weeds?  Well guess what? Yep! We can fix this problem as well.

Pest Management of turf
Does your lawn look very patching and you think it maybe dying even though you keep fertilising and watering it?  The problem could be lawn grubs or even couch fly.  And yes you guessed it, we can fix that as well.


Queensland Pest Management Technician Licence MPTO-11802
QBCC Licence 728789
Bayer Accredited Timber Pest Inspector
Termidor Termiticide Accredited Operator ($2,00,0000 Insurance Warranty)
Exterm Monitoring and Baiting Accredited Applicator
Altriset Termiticide Accredited Applicator

Tommy Termites Pest & Weed Management attend frequent seminars and accredited courses to ensure the latest products, treatments and technology are available to our customers when it comes to the FIGHT against termites.

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