Termite Bait Monitoring Stations

Termite Bait Monitoring Stations, which contain termite attraction materials, are a monitoring system placed strategically around your property to ascertain if termite activity is present.

Why Termite Bait Monitoring Stations:

  • Easy to install
  • Owner can check themselves
  • Non-toxic Bait
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Child and animal proof even when termite treatment has been carried out
  • Suitable for residential and commercial premises
  • Once installed they are yours forever
  • They are reusable by re-baiting stations once treatment has been carried out and colony eradicated
  • Alternative when a termite barrier / treated zone is not practical to be installed around the exterior or subfloor of your dwelling
  • And most importantly they are NOT expensive

How Termite Bait Monitoring Stations Work:

  • Termites are attracted to the materials within the stations, while they’re searching for food.
  • Once termites have entered the stations, a treatment with an approved Termiticide is applied by the pest technician.
  • Once treatment is carried out the Termiticide has numerous ways of eradicating the colony and the nest: for instance – termites grooming each other, cannibalism, feeding the queen with the treated food which will eradicate the colony.
  • These are just a few ways of eradicating the colony and nest.

How Often Should the Bait Monitoring Stations be inspected?

  • Inspection of the Termite Bait Monitoring Stations should be every 6 – 8 weeks by either the home owner or the pest technician.

What if Termites are located in the Termite Bait Monitoring Station?

  • If you, the home owner, find termites within a Termite Bait Monitoring Station, contact the pest technician to carry out the treatment and restocking of bait stations.
  • It is essential not to disturb the termites as they are very sensitive and will vacate the bait station.

Ideal locations for installation of the Bait Monitoring Stations are:

  • Moist Shady areas – not too wet or in direct sunlight if possible
  • Around timber sleeper retaining walls and timber fences
  • Mulched garden beds, tree stumps, wood heaps and the like
  • Overflow pipe of hot water service or air conditioning unit

Tommy Termite Pest Management’s Termite Bait Monitoring Stations have been designed so the home owner, gardener, handy man etc can install these stations without any fuss. You do not need to be an expert.


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