Termite Barriers

A termite chemical barrier is a treated zone where the soil surrounding the perimeter of your dwelling or subfloor is chemically treated for treatment and prevention of termite attack.

The soil is treated with an approved Termiticide (chemical) to the Australian Standards 3660.2-2000 which works in 2 ways.

Kills active termites if present when installing barrier
Gives your property a barrier/treated zone for prevention of future termite attack.

The termite barrier/treated zone protects your property between 5 and 10 years depending on which Termiticides is applied as a the chemical life expectancy varies from one Termiticide to another.  The Termiticide used is determined by many factors which is decided once the property has been assessed.

Tommy Termites Pest & Weed Management will discuss with you step by step the course of action to get the best protection for your property.

Termidor is our preferred Termiticide to be installed on termite barriers/treated zones.  We have been using this Termiticide/Chemical for many years with great success and no product failure to date.

The below video shows information on termite barriers / treated zones.


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