Termite Treatments

Termite treatments can be carried out in numerous ways and depends on where termites are located, what species they are and the most effective treatment to carry out the eradication of a termite colony.
Before carrying out a termite treatment it is imperative to assess the infestation and damage caused by way of a termite inspection and in some cases an invasive inspection which will determine the course of treatment required.  These inspections MUST be carried out by a licensed and insured timber pest technician.

Treatment Options

Termite Dusting
A Termiticide dust is lightly puffed into the workings of the active termites.  The termites are coated or pick up the dust when moving throughout these areas dusted.
The dust works by a transfer effect with termites touching and feeding each other which will in time eradicate the colony.
Dusting can be a drawn out lengthy process and patience is required.

Termite Foaming
Foaming has an expanding nature and is ideal for majority of areas where active termites  are located.  Foaming is ideal ideal for wall voids, skirting boards, window and door architraves.
The foam works in the same manner as termite dusting in the way of transfer effect.
This process is much quicker and easier way to eradicate the colony.

Chemical Treated Zone/Barrier
A chemical barrier is a treated zone where the soil surrounding the perimeter of your dwelling and subfloor is chemically treated for treatment and prevention of termite attack.
The soil is treated with an approved Termiticide to the Australian Standards 3660.2-2000 and works in 2 ways.
1.Kills active termites if present when installing barrier.
2.Gives your property a treated zone/barrier for prevention of future termite attack.
Further information can be found on our Termite Barrier section.

Termite Bait Monitoring Stations
Termite Bait Monitoring Stations are a monitoring system to assist in ascertaining whether active termites are present around your property.
The Bait Stations, which contain termite attraction materials are installed strategically around your property.
Further information can be found on our Termite Bait Monitoring Station section.

What is the difference between Termite Treatment and Termite Prevention
Termite Treatment is focused on treating and eliminating active termites colonies from your property.
Termite Prevention is focused on preventing active termites from infesting your property and minimising termite damage.

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