Termite Inspections


Termites can cause a significant amount of damage to a property without you even realising until the signs are evident and in some cases the damage can be quite severe once revealed.

Possible active termites, termite damage and workings signs

  • Paint of window frames look wrinkled or bubbling
  • Timber skirting boards and architraves soft when touched
  • Mud looking tracks leading into weep holes or appearing on exterior walls of buildings.
  • Timber floors become raised, discoloured or splitting.
  • Discolouration, bulging, cracking and little mud trials on internal walls especially gyprock (plaster).
  • Dust around window frames, skirting boards and bases of door ways.
  • Scratching, ticking like noises in walls, window frames , skirting boards and door architraves.

The Gold Coast being classed as a “tropical city” is a location termites like to reside and a lot of times in your home!

Carrying out regular termite inspections will help reduce the risk of extensive termite damage within your property.

We carry out visual and invasive Termite Inspections in accordance with Australian Standards using the latest technology in the FIGHT against termites.
A thorough inspection is carried out of all accessible areas of the property including:

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Roof Void
  • Subfloor
  • Out Buildings
  • Fence lines, Stumps, Trees, Landscaping timbers, Timber Retaining Walls and all outdoor areas of your property.

All Termite Inspections come with a full written report along with recommendations.

If you do find active termites or termite damage, DO NOT disturb the area, call a Termite Pest Technician immediately.

Note: Fully licenced and insured Timber Pest Technicians can only carry out all inspections and recommendations.

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