Termites Love To Play Hide & Seek

"Outlet pipes, bad drainage, water discharge, moisture and leaking taps" are all terms we often hear a pest technician refer to or we come across these words when reading a termite inspection report.  These are words that should send alarm bells ringing when said or read when referring to your dwelling. As you can see in the photo in this post, I came across this whilst carrying out a termite … [Read more...]

Are Your Weepholes Free Flowing

Have you ever wondered what the holes at the bottom of your brickwork around the exterior walls of your dwelling are for? These are called weepholes! Bricks being porous absorb quite a lot of water during rainfall and the weepholes provide an opening for the water to escape from the walls. Weepholes also allow ventilation for air to flow behind the wall to help dry out the … [Read more...]

Water Pooling

I come across this often where the down pipes of a house are not connect to the outlet drains. We call this water discharging against the exterior walls of dwelling. Living on the Gold Coast, when we have rain, we have rain! If the water is not getting away and pools against the exterior wall of your dwelling this is an attractive situation for termites. We all know that termites are … [Read more...]

A Termites Smorgasbord

Do  you have sealant or grout missing in your shower recess? Do your tiles in your shower recess have any cracks in them? Do you have mould on your walls? Do you have subfloor that is damp or has water pooling? Do you have down pipes that are not connected to an outlet pipe? Are your hot water and air conditioner pipes dripping next to the exterior wall of your dwelling? Have you checked for … [Read more...]

Termite Bait Monitoring Stations

Termite Bait Monitoring Stations are a monitoring system to assist in ascertaining whether termite activity is present around your property. The Termite Bait Monitoring Stations, which contains termite attraction materials, are installed strategically in the ground around your property. Termites are lured to these stations and once termites have entered the stations, then a treatment with an … [Read more...]